Prow'd House - Wimberley Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to Prow’d House


Meet Donna and Dave and have memorable experience.

Our place is perfect to attend weddings, ramble through Wimberley Market Day and downtown shops, visit family and friends or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

We have been voted as Best Bed and Breakfast 2018 in Wimberley, Texas!  If you are around Austin or San Antonio, take some time to visit.

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Why Prow’d House?  Many guests are curious as to how we decided on the unusual name Prow’d House for the B&B. It was important that we had a name that people would remember for future reference and was relevant to our specific establishment. So, after literally years of agonizing, Dave asked the question “when a person walks through the front door what is the most significant feature of the house they immediately see?” The architect’s signature “prow” window was the unanimous response. We, of course, were proud of what we had achieved so after a play on words the name “Prow’d” was originated that led to the formation of “Prow’d House”.